Luke Conway's Social Psyhology Class (350s) Web Page

This is the psychology 350s Web Page for Luke Conway's class at The University of Montana. To save costs on font reproduction and pass those savings on to you (the page would have been "free" with fancy fonts, and now it is "TOTALLY free"), the page has a MINIMALISTIC theme. Think of it as "avant-garde."

Study Guides

The only reason for this page's existence is to give me a place to put your study guides. You MUST READ this section before using these guides. I am assuming that, before you download or print the guides, that you have read what I'm about to say.

I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ADAPT OR CHANGE PARTS OF THE MATERIAL YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO COVER. What I mean: Because I prepare these guides well in advance, sometimes I might change some things relevant to what we cover. If that's true, I will announce this in class, but will not change these study guides as posted here. Thus, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHANGES ANNOUNCED DURING CLASS.

Pragmatically, it is possible but unlikely that I'll change any of the required book material. More likely is this: The lecture sections that we cover will vary some from the guide; generally, this means I cut a section from the guide, but occasionally I will add a section. The rule about lectures is this: ANYTHING I cover in lecture is fair game for tests. Unlike the book parts of the guides, the lecture parts are not intended to CUT the amount of material you need to know. EVERYTHING I talk about in lecture usually ends up in one form or another on exams. I provide the list of lecture topics in the guide mostly as a reminder of what we have covered (in case you missed something, this will give you an idea of what notes you need to get from someone else).

With all of that said, here are the study guides:

studyguide for exam 1_web

studyguide for exam 2_web

studyguide for exam 3_web

studyguide for exam 4_web

studyguide for final exam_web